343 Industries’ New Job Listing Reveals VR Halo Title Is in the Works

Recently, Microsoft Studios subsidiary 343 Industries posted a new job opening via LinkedIn, however, what makes this job listing very intriguing is that it indicates that a new VR title within the Halo universe is currently in development.

According to the job listing, the Washington-based company is looking for a new Creative Director to join the fold and help the studio create a VR entry for its intellectual property, Halo. Unfortunately, the job description does not provide additional insight on whether or not this Halo VR title will be a new entry in the series, an additional feature for an upcoming installment, or just a standalone experience.

Nevertheless, personally, I am excited to hear more about this Halo VR title. The Halo universe is full of interesting lore and offers and the Halo universe has immense potential to make a virtual reality game and provide fans with a new level of immersion. Regardless of what’s to come in the future from the series in terms of VR, it is worth noting that it would not be the first time that the franchise was available on the HMD. That title (technically) goes to Halo Recruit, a free Windows Mixed Reality-exclusive app, which provides a crash course on the series.

That being said, those interested in looking at the full job description can do so by heading over here.

In other Halo news, earlier this month, a new comic book mini-series called Halo: Collateral Damage was revealed. Additionally, the new season of Halo World Championships is underway, with the location for this year’s finals unveiled this past February.

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