8 Affordable Windows Mixed Reality Accessories to Boost your Experience


Investing in Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is one of the cheapest ways to get into VR, and continuing with the trend, you might be looking to add some affordable accessories to the mix. We’ve rounded up a bunch of the best here for a variety of uses, with most costing far less than $50.

Display your headset

TreeCloud9 MindStand X

Your WMR headset doesn’t have to sit on the floor or hang from a hook when not in use. With the MindStand X from TreeCloud9, you can display any WMR headset and keep cables under wraps. The stand folds down when not in use, making it easy to tote with you when you hit the road.

$20 at Amazon

Compact protection

Esimen Hard EVA case

If you want to keep things portable while you’re carrying VR with you, this hardshell case from Esimen should do the trick. It has room for the WMR headset and controllers, a sturdy zipper keeps the case closed, and it’s made from anti-shock and weather-resistant material to best protect your hardware.

$32 at Amazon

Rugged protection

Navitech backpack

It’s larger than the hard travel case, but this backpack is better suited for long trips with your WMR headset and controllers. It has plenty of room for all hardware, there are compartments inside to keep things sorted, and there’s plenty of padding to keep your stuff safe.

$35 at Amazon

Get your cables off the floor

Kiwi Design VR suspension

There’s not yet a wireless solution for WMR headsets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your cables up off the floor and out of the way of your feet. This kit comes with six suspendable pulleys that attach to the cable and hang it from your ceiling, giving you the right amount of cable at all times.

$23 at Amazon

Added comfort

VR Cover foam replacement

If the foam padding that comes with your WMR headset is wearing out or getting a bit too grimy for your liking, you can invest in a relatively cheap replacement from VR Cover. Covers differ based on the headset, but you’ll get durable vegan leather or velour that can be cleaned between sessions.

$29 at VR Cover

For your Surface Book 2

Surface USB-C to HDMI adapter

If you have a Surface Book 2 (or another laptop with USB-C port but no HDMI), this adapter is what you need if you want to connect your WMR headset. It’s proven to work with Surface, it’s high quality, and it’s 4K ready if you want to use it for other purposes.

$40 at Microsoft

Extend your USB-A

AmazonBasics USB-A 3.0 cable

Extending the USB-A cable of your WMR headset is touchy due to USB controllers and cables not always working together, but this option from AmazonBasics has been used successfully by plenty of people. It’s cheap, but it adds 6.5 feet to the cable to better let you move around your VR space.

$7 at Amazon

Extend your HDMI

AmazonBasics HDMI 2.0 cable

If you’re extending your USB-A cable, you’ll also want to extend your HDMI cable. Users have had success with this option from AmazonBasics, which supports HDMI 2.0 and adds six feet. This will match the USB-A extension in look and length, and it certainly is affordable.

$8 at Amazon

If we’re making a suggestion

If we’re picking just one affordable accessory for your WMR setup, we suggest picking up the Navitech backpack. It’s ideal for carrying your headset, controllers, and smaller accessories no matter where you go. It’s also great as a regular case to protect your hardware when not in use, and it’s relatively cheap. If you’d like to store your WMR headset in a visible spot when you’re not using it, you probably want to check out the TreeCloud9 MindStand X instead.

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