Acclaimed ‘Moss’ Gets Support for Windows VR Headsets, Improved Vive Controls

Moss, the acclaimed VR adventure platformer, has been updated on SteamVR with official support for Windows VR headsets and a slew of new control options to make the game easier to play with Vive controllers.

Formerly exclusive to PlayStation VR, Moss launched on SteamVR and Oculus in early June. At the game’s PC launch, the title only officially supported the Vive and Rift, despite Windows VR headsets technically being compatible with SteamVR. Now the game’s 1.0.3 update has brought official Windows VR support, meaning those with Windows VR headsets can play the game through SteamVR as long as they have the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR package installed.

Moss’ 1.0.3 update also brings a handful of new control options to make the game easier to play with the Vive controller. Since the game was originally designed with the thumbsticks of the PlayStation gamepad in mind, the control scheme translates well enough to the Rift and Windows VR controllers thanks to their thumbsticks. The Vive controllers instead use a large trackpad, which necessitated something of a hybrid control scheme which dedicates portions of the trackpad to different actions. A number of user reviews found that the layout made it difficult to control the game. The 1.0.3 update brings several new Vive controller options to Moss:
The first layout option allows you to change the way movement controls. You can select between Touch-to-Move and Press-to-Move. The former is the layout we shipped Moss with. The latter requires you to press and hold as you move Quill through the environment. We’ve found this helps mitigate a handful of the ghost input issues players have been reporting.
Image courtesy PolyarcThe second layout option allows you to change the way your Jump and Attack actions are mapped. You can select between the Default layout of Attack/Jump on either side of the touch-pad or Dedicated Jump. The Dedicated Jump layout assigns Attack to the right-hand top menu button and utilizes the full touch-pad surface for Jump.
Image courtesy Polyarc
Developer Polyarc says the new control options are designed to alleviate issues players have had playing the game with the Vive controllers. The studio continues to welcome feedback on the game’s control scheme, and it sounds like they’ll continue to consider changes going forward.

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