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AR/VR Simulator Revolutionizes Industrial Workforce Training
Richard Adefioye posted on March 02, 2018 | 288 views

Having a knowledgeable, responsive and efficient workforce is the bedrock of success for any company – more so, tech companies. However, acquiring thoroughly qualified and experienced candidates to fill available vacancies within a company is an age-long dilemma, since most applicants seem intensely unqualified.

So, how do we qualify the seemingly unqualified? Simple… we train them! Unfortunately, traditional workforce training programs don’t just come with a low retention rate, they also take a lot of time! But with the new augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) training tool, these limitations are set to give way!

The AV/VR C-300 simulation controller (Credit: Honeywell Connected Plant)

The AV/VR C-300 simulation controller (Credit: Honeywell Connected Plant)

The AR/VR trainer is a cloud-based simulation tool that uses AR and VR to deliver training protocols. It utilizes the Microsoft’s HoloLens (the first and only self-contained holographic computer) and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, at the center of its design. These work in tandem with the C-300 simulation controller to deliver powerful and engaging visual and aural impact in various training scenarios, such as power supply failure, primary failure, switch overs, etc.

This mixed reality training tool works in a similar way to flight simulators, thus trainees can safely see the consequences of every decision they make in different scenarios and learn experientially from every mistake and good call.  The cloud access feature of this tool also makes it possible for trainees to naturally interact with their trainers or peers without their physical presence.

There are some major upsides brought to the table by this new training sequence. Most notably, it was reported to have improved skill retention in trainees by 100 percent compared to traditional training methods. It also cuts the time length required for technical training by 150 percent.

This innovative AR/VR training tool was birthed as part of the Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Immersive Competency program, which is aimed at quickly bringing new industry workers up to speed with latest technology and operational practices. The program was powered by Honeywell Connected Plant and Windows Mixed Reality Platform.

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