Are You Able To Run Mixed Reality on Windows 10?


Microsoft is betting heavily on augmented reality and mixed reality. Initially with the development of HoloLens and lately with the availability of tools of this category in your Windows 10. Following on from these developments, Microsoft will bring even more new features in the next major update of Windows 10, Fall Creators Update, and has launched an application where users can see if your computer is able to receive these new features.

The efforts that Microsoft has made in augmented and mixed reality are evident: first with the HoloLens and later added several new features for OEMs in mixed reality headsets and the augmented reality tools announced in the conference #MicrosoftEDU this year will work directly on the computer / tablet, through the camera, without the need for any headset. All these innovations will be integrated into Fall Creators Update.

In light of these new developments, Microsoft is expected to require certain minimum hardware and software features for the device to be able to run these augmented reality tools.

In this way, an app was launched in the Microsoft Application Store, which is designed to: evaluate the software and hardware characteristics of the device and indicate if it is ready to receive the updates dedicated to the mixed reality that will comes in the Fall Creators Update.

The application, called Windows Mixed Reality PC Check, is very easy to use and fast. It only analyzes the characteristics of the equipment and its compatibility with the mixed reality. If not, the application indicates which parameters are needed.

As we can see, with the news that will arrive along with Fall Creators Update on October 17, the next major update of Windows 10 will have a great focus on the mixed reality. Microsoft is committed to making this technology more accessible, deeper and more immersive than augmented reality.

The Lenovo, Acer and HP already have mixed reality headsets for sale and Dell is pre-selling a model that is set to be released on October 17, same date as the release of the Fall Creators update.


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