ASUS Showcase Latest Innovations at CES 2018


ASUS Showcase Latest Innovations at CES 2018

Mixed Reality

ASUS has a lot of awesome products here at CES 2018, but the first to catch my eye is their new headset. It’s a Windows Mixed Reality Headset, which is basically VR/AR hardware, and it could easily be the next big thing in tech.

It’s got an ultralight design, looks pretty slick too. The controllers are similar to the Oculus ones too, so it’s pretty easy to use. With 20000 Windows apps supporting it, and thousands of Steam VR titles, it’ll have plenty of software too.

Bezel-Free Magic

We’ve seen these before, but they weren’t setup right. However, now that they’re aligned, the magic can happen. This simple light refraction kit is perfect for triple monitor setups. It bends the light to hide the bezel on your monitors, creating a more immersive look and feel.

It looks better in perfect than it does in pictures, that’s for sure, but if you have chance to check one out in person, please do!

ROG AURA Terminal

Tired of not having enough control or ports for your funky lighting setup? The AURA terminal is the perfect solution. What we love about it, is that it’s one of the most stylish looking hubs out there. Of course, it even has built-in RGB lighting of its own, with four cool effects.


Finally, we have their gorgeous new keyboard. It comes equipped with Cherry MX RGB swithces, and AURA Sync support. There are dedicated multimedia controls on the top row, a badge customisation feature (top right), and a detachable wrist rest. Other cool features include the ambient side lighting, and we can’t wait to get one of these in the office!






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