Augmented and mixed reality revenue to surpass VR by 2021

The augmented and mixed reality market will be more lucrative than VR by 2021, according to a new report from SuperData. 

The analytics outfit believes the AR/MR market will be worth $20.3 billion in terms of consumer revenue by 2021, while VR will be worth roughly $19 billion. 

As it stands, the VR market is valued at around $2.2 billion — almost double the $1.2 valuation of the AR/MR market. 

SuperData suggests a change is on the cards, however, with accessible apps like Pokemon Go and the launch of high-end devices like Magic Leap bringing about the shift. 

The company claims that VR will still serve the needs of those looking for the most “high fidelity” experiences, but that it will ultimately be deemed less accessible and less interesting than AR and MR offerings. 

The graph below shows how that purported shift will play out, with VR relying primarily on hardware over software to bring home the bacon, and AR/MR striking more of a balance between the two.

For more market predictions and prophecies, check out the full SuperData report (Google Drive Link).

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