Best stands for your Windows Mixed Reality headset


You need somewhere to keep your Windows Mixed Reality headset safe when it’s not on your head, right? Well, you need a good stand.

It’s one of the logistical issues you need to overcome when using Windows Mixed Reality: What do you do with the headset when you’re not wearing it?

One of the simplest things is to get a good stand. This keeps it safe, organized, out of harm’s way and turns it into a bit of a centerpiece in your room. If that sounds like a good idea to you, check out these options.


Buentek VR stand

This universal stand is good for all the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as well as the established VR ones like Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. It’s a simple plastic affair with a tray out front to rest the main part of the headset on, with some arms that go up and back to catch the headband.

It’s fairly lightweight, but it won’t go anywhere thanks to rubber feet on the base, and there’s a circular cable wheel that can easily accept four meters of cable from your headset, maybe even more.

The BUENTEK VR Stand is yours for $35.

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Snakebyte Storage Stand

Snakebyte stand

Headsets go on your head, so why not have a head-shaped stand?! It’s maybe a little creepy looking (especially at night), but this simple effort from Snakebyte models itself on the very thing an HMD is meant to rest upon.

To keep everything in check, the base is weighted so it won’t topple over when the headset is on there, and it’s also big enough to hold your favorite headphones. And it’s only $30.

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VRGE Virtual Reality Docking System

VRGE Virtual Reality Docking System

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and wall-mountable, this item from VRGE might be just the ticket.

It’s got a solid maple wood top with a satin finish, so it’s both stylish and capable of holding a headset in the middle and the controllers on either side. You can have it on a flat surface or on the wall, and while it’s a bit pricey at $115, it’s a class act.

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LIAMTU Male Wigs Display Mannequin Head

If you can deal with looking at a fake face, you could actually save a few bucks by getting a solid mannequin head. No joke! This one costs less than a head-shaped VR stand, at $15, and will accept your headset and headphones with ease.

The one drawback is that it’ll want to topple over since there’s no weighted base. But if you’re OK making your own or fixing it to a table maybe, it’s a cheap, effective way to look after your Mixed Reality headset.

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