Blink Studios brings mixed reality to DIFF



Blink works with Microsoft’s Hololens technology to deliver mixed reality.

Blink Studios is participating at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where it will be showcasing the power of digital content creation with Microsoft HoloLens. The event supports Blink’s long-term strategy to further expand its mixed reality offering and become the top provider for the immersive experiences of the future.

At the event, Blink will be showcasing the latest in mixed reality by introducing visitors and industry professionals to Microsoft’s HoloLens, which promises to enhance digital content creation by taking interactivity and engagement to new heights. Blink will also be highlighting the role of new immersive technologies in the future of storytelling.

Nathalie Habib, Executive Producer and General Manager at Blink Studios, commented: “During DIFF, Blink aims to provide fresh perspectives on the future of content production for the silver screen through evolving technology. We are proud to be driving the adoption of exclusive technology in the region and have established numerous partnerships with technology providers to support this endeavour. Together, we will be highlighting the exceptional short and long-term benefits that these technologies provide for producers in the film industry.”

Shivani Pandya, DIFF Managing Director, added: “As the region’s leading film festival, we have always been committed to showcasing the latest in cinematic innovations, whether helping projects travel from script to screen or sharing new perspectives. With the growth of new technology, audiences are also evolving in the way they consume film. Through our collaboration with Blink, we look forward to exploring how filmmakers can share their stories in a whole new way and with diverse and eclectic audiences.”

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