Bridge Crew” Now Available For Non-VR Gamers –

When Star Trek: Bridge Crew was released earlier this year, the biggest obstacle the game faced was the relatively small install base of VR headsets across the globe. The game was designed to be a social experience where you and your friends get together and work as the command crew of a Federation starship. While the game had an online multiplayer component where you can could match up with other players, finding three other friends who also owned headsets was somewhat difficult. Bridge Crew publisher Ubisoft is addressing that issue by issuing a patch which will make the game available in a more traditional form. The patch is available now for the PS4 and PC.

From Ubisoft’s press release:

Star Trek: Bridge Crew challenges four players to work together to pilot a Federation starship through dangerous missions, but until now, it’s only been playable through VR hardware. That changes with the latest Star Trek: Bridge Crew free update, which removes the requirement for a headset and opens the door for non-VR players to join in and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Using a controller or a mouse and keyboard, players with and without VR headsets can be seamlessly matched together to pilot the U.S.S. Aegis (or U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701) as Starfleet officers, or play alone as captain. The update also includes enhanced Windows Mixed Reality support, adding more options for players to explore uncharted space.


We have written extensively about the game since it was announced, and those articles can be found here, including a video where we went to Ubisoft headquarters in San Francisco to take the game for a spin.

The game’s Creative Director, David Votypka, promises “additional cool things” coming for Bridge Crew (we’ve heard rumors about an Enterprise-D bridge), so stay tuned…

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