Drone-Enabled Deliveries, Mixed Reality Experiences Gaining Interest


WHAT’S NEXT: After Friday morning’s “Mercenary Matters: Technology and the Changing World of Retail” panel discussion, two participants discussed what’s next.
Their discussion was part of the Fashion Law nstitute’s seventh annual symposium “Fashion Revolutions” in New York. Plural NYC founder Daniel Plenge said, “Drones and brands need to have a big Amazon strategy because they’re going to drop the hammer this year. They already have been, and the drone thing might not be as far away as we think.”
With his marketing and digital media clients constantly asking how they might monetize Instagram, Plenge is intrigued by even though he personally hasn’t yet used it to buy anything. “One of my challenges now is to bridge the gap between tools like that online and attributing them to sales off-line. So maybe I screenshot the image, I saw it on Taxi TV, on a bus shelter or any of the six touchpoints of digital…when did I actually decide, ‘You know what? It’s payday. I’m going to go get that,’” Plenge said.
Another panelist, Po Yi, an attorney with Venable LLP, said, “I’m not a huge fan of VR. I’m more of a fan of mixed reality or augmented reality so that you

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