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We’re now long past half-way through the year and we are, in fact, about to roll over into August. Time moves fast, especially when you’re detailing with a technology such as virtual reality (VR). In but a handful of weeks we’ll be off to Cologne in Germany for another Gamescom where no doubt we’ll be seeing many updates to various videogames and hear news of new titles in the works. We may also find out more about some of the hardware in development and see some recent additions, such as the Vive Knuckles controller, in action.

But before we even get to that we’ve SIGGRAPH which takes place next week.

If you’re excited by what you’ve been reading on VRFocus and are interested in taking the plunge into this industry and one of the companies working on VR, augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR), or you’re already engaged in any of the three and are looking to switch roles we as usual have a selection from around the world below. Why not see if there’s anything that takes your fancy? A new career could be just a few clicks away.

View the new listings below for more information:

New York, NY, USAYouVisitUnity Virtual Reality DeveloperClick here to apply
Yorktown Heights, NY, USAIBMResearch Staff MemberClick here to apply
Montreal, CanadaFelix & Paul StudiosApplication DeveloperClick here to apply
Montreal, CanadaFelix & Paul Studios3D (Graphic) DeveloperClick here to apply
Montreal, CanadaFelix & Paul StudiosComputer Vision DeveloperClick here to apply
Newcastle, UKHammerhead VRLead AnimatorClick here to apply
Newcastle, UKHammerhead VRSystems AdministratorClick here to apply
London, UKOculusProduct Manager, Social VRClick here to apply
Cork, IrelandOculusLED Research Scientist, ModelingClick here to apply
Seattle, WA, USAOculusDeveloper Relations Engineer, Oculus PlatformClick here to apply
Menlo Park, CA, USAOculusDeveloper Relations Engineer, RiftClick here to apply
Menlo Park, CA, USAOculusManager, Display EngineeringClick here to apply
Palo Alto, CA, USATeslaSimulation EngineerClick here to apply

As always don’t forget that you can also view the roles in last week’s edition of The VR Job Hub. Also if you are an employer and are looking for someone to fill a role in a VR, AR or other related areas in the industry and want that position to be featured on next week’s feature, please send details to either myself ( or 

We’ll be back next Sunday, as usual at 3PM BST with more roles in the VR industry as part of The VR Job Hub.


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