Flickering jagged edges for objects in Immersive Mixed Reality



I have built an app for Immersive headsets using windows Mixed reality technology. I run the app on Lenovo Explorer IHMD. Laptop is Dell Inpiron with GTX1050Ti.

The issue is that on every object in the scene we get the effect of flicker and jagged edges. I am running with opaque display settings Ultra/Fantastic.
This has been tested with Unity 2017.2.0f3 MRTP & MRTP4 with latest code (commit 842c4a1) from Mixed Reality Toolkit-Unity.
I am applying project and scene settings from MRT menu.

I am getting this issue with my app and also the mixed reality toolkit example scenes.
I tried to change the near clipping value from 0.1 to 0.3 but no luck.
Also tried diffent sets for anti aliasing under Quality settings in unity but it keeps defaulting at play mode to 2X Multisample and still no luck.

The villa in the mixed reality portal runs fine.

Please find attached some screenshots and a sample app where the problem is reporducible.

Can anyone one point me to a sample code that you know it works fine, so I can test it, maybe is something with my dev environment.

I originally raised the issue in github MRTK (1327) by they advised me to post the issue here as well.

Please advise.

Download screenshots, videos and sample app. To run the app add MRTK code.

Many Thanks



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