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6 DECEMBER 2018 – VR game studio FunnerSoft today announces that its strategic VR action game, PlanTechtor, will launch via Steam on 27th February 2018.

To celebrate the news, the developers have unveiled a brand new teaser trailer, which showcases the game’s blend of in-depth tactics with high-octane VR action.

PlanTechtor is the brainchild of former ArenaNet developer Lester Bloom. Now a full-time indie developer, Bloom enlisted the help of great friend and Guild Wars 2 design director Isaiah Cartwright – and over the past two years, the pair have been hard at work crafting a highly strategic take on the VR wave shooter. 


In PlanTechtor, players must design a plan that lets them exploit each level and overcome waves of invading enemies. From a tactical pre-game phase – which involves analysing hints about the incoming forces and devising a plan accordingly – players move into an action-packed wave shooter in full, immersive VR. Fast reflexes, quick decision-making, and expert skill will be required to overcome each stage.

Wrapping up the action is a striking aesthetic that combines colourful cartoon visuals with a raucous heavy metal soundtrack.

Creator and developer Lester Bloom said: “I wanted to play something that was easy to pick up, had the depth of an ARPG, and allowed me to visit the immersive worlds of VR. I couldn’t find anything that was exactly that, so I sat down to make it. I’m happy to say that after two years of development, I’m still having fun with PlanTechtor!”

Designer Isaiah Cartwright added: “When I played the prototype I was surprised how much depth there was to the game. A lot of VR games are very pretty tech demos, and I was happy Lester was making something with more depth of play. I couldn’t wait to get involved!”

PlanTechtor will be released via Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality on 27th February 2019.

For more information, please contact Lewis Denby at [email protected].


About PlanTechtor

Design endless weapon loadouts. Create a plan to exploit the level. Then put it to the test against an invading army of alien-robot invaders. Intense VR action meets deep strategic planning in PlanTechtor!

In PlanTechtor, you must design a plan that lets you exploit the level and overcome waves of invading enemies.

Each quest provides hints about the invading forces, and weapons are given unique bonuses. Design the best weapon loadouts possible to take advantage of the bonuses and to conquer the invaders.

Once you are confident in your plan, you can commit to the challenge. Gameplay is intense VR action, with waves of invading alien-robot forces attempting to destroy your castle.  You’ll need to employ fast reflexes, quick decision-making, and expert skill to emerge victorious.

With various unlockable skills and over 50 levels, PlanTechtor is a deeply strategic game that combines elements of CCGs and ARPGs with high-octane VR action.


About FunnerSoft

FunnerSoft is an independent game studio founded by former ArenaNet developer Lester Bloom. Bloom spent 17 years working on big-budget games, but his love for development and a head full of ideas eventually led him to leave the triple-A space and go indie. With design from Guild Wars 2 design director Isaiah Cartwright, PlanTechtor is FunnerSoft’s debut title. 



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