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( What are the best HoloLens games you can find on Microsoft’s mixed reality headset? Here’s a list of HoloLens games which you can play. Some of them are in beta phase and waiting for a full release. Even when the existing model of HoloLens is purely for developers, the device shows its potential. Mixed reality is finally getting hardware support from companies like Microsoft, and we’re probably just a few years away from the public version of HoloLens.


It’s exciting to see how game developers use mixed reality to handle both physical and virtual environments. As the game’s description on Microsoft Store reads, RoboRaid is a first-person shooter that puts you in the role of a fighter who defends his land from robots who are hell-bent on attacking your home. They are everywhere in the galaxy and now they are coming to the earth. Your mission in the game is to beat them and survive the attack. RoboRaid is one of the best HoloLens games you can download for free.

Dawn of Toys

This tower offense game is beautiful at each level. The environment design looks attractive with the use of multiple colors. It’s a strategy game which can be enjoyed with family. In Dawn of Toys, you play as an attacker who is on a mission to dominate the battleground. At the same time, you are attacked by enemy troops so you have to plan your attack and defense strategy while leading your units so they can destroy the enemy base. There are 48 stages in the game including 3 boss stages and 9 challenge stages.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

In an attempt to promote the big screen release of Smurfs movie, Sony Pictures Animation introduced Smurfs: The Lost Village HoloLens game. For this release, OMD and AOL partnered with the studio to develop one of the first HoloLens games. The Smurfs game takes players to the lost village which is inspired by the elements shown in the movie.

According to the developers, the game is suitable for children as they are the main target audience for the movie and the game as well. In the game, a fictional character called Papa Smurfs takes you to the magical land where there are challenges, map pieces, and mysterious objects and your goal is to defeat the evil boss Gargamel.

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest is a different game from what the series has brought in the past. There is still so much violence in the game as you slay enemies while on a quest to help Yuki rebuild her village. Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest features strategy elements. Players will be using stealth weapons and Yuki’s deadly nun-jutsu. The aim is to save orphans who were stolen from the village. There are 90 levels in the game and more than 200 orphans to rescue.


One of the most popular HoloLens games so far, Fragments is developed on a unique concept where you, as a detective, are in charge of exploring memories of other characters.  The first-person thriller game starts from your own room which becomes a crime scene. You uncover the truths by meeting other characters, reading their minds, and uncovering hidden clues. What makes the game unique is its capability to turn your room into a playground. The game feels challenging sometimes but it’s worth giving a try.


Microsoft knows what Minecraft is from the business point of view and the company doesn’t want to miss any opportunity that comes its way. Minecraft is available on HoloLens however the hardware is still in development phase, given the fact that only the developer version of the product is available at present. The company showed off Minecraft demo at E3 2015 and we hope that Minecraft will get a full release for the platform when it hits store shelves.

If you own a HoloLens or are planning to get one, try these HoloLens games. There are many other apps and games available on the Microsoft Store. Some of them are still in the development stage, but it’s exciting to see how gaming in both VR and AR is growing.

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