HP’s Omen X Series Gaming Devices Launched in India:says reports


As per the latest report, the HP Inc. has recently launched the latest series of gaming devices Omen X exclusively in the Indian markets. Coming to this revolutionary series of latest gaming devices, the Omen X series gaming devices come with Windows Mixed Reality Handset that will allow the users to smoothly connect with the VR Backpack and is a perfect blend of features as the laptop is compatible with the future technologies.

The statements issued by the Managing Director of HP Inc. India, Summer Chandra highlights how HP managed to grab a strong user base and became one of the top gaming brands in the country. The announcement of the gaming OMEN series launched an year ago has surely done wonders for the company. With the announcement of the OMEN X portfolio for gaming enthusiasts across the country, the company has managed to create an unified gaming portfolio among various gamer profiles, having great performance and build on the style quality standards.In short, the company has managed to do justice to the OMEN series overall performance and build quality.

The major highlight was the announcement of the OMEN X Compact Desktop which comes with an additional backup accessory kit. The additional backup accessory kit adds a new dimension of flexibility to the platform. The company has done an incredible job by expanding the overall lineup of the OMEN accessory kit with the addition of the new OMEN mechanical keyboard. The accessory kit further includes a headset with cushioned ear cups that helps to reduce background noise, a perfectly designed mouse with the inclusion of the weight customization support along with the mousepads which have been specially designed for more precision. The whole accessory kit along with the device makes the whole gaming experience a lot better.

Vickram Bedi, HP Inc India’s Senior Director (Personal Systems) added that the gamers and e-sports athletes looking forward to the coolest, most innovative and powerful products with the designs they crave will be satisfied with the perfect blend of Virtual and Mixed  Reality used in the Omen X series gaming devices. This whole move will unveil the advanced gaming experience and will increase professional gamers’ chances to ‘Dominate the game’ while aiding them to compete at the highest level.”

Coming to the things OMEN Desktop has to offer: it comes with an advanced design which the company claims to be really powerful, incorporated with the modern thermal engineering along with the access to the standard parts. While talking about the OMEN X Compact Desktop, one must be aware that this series has VR backpack which can be bought with a price tag starting from Rs. 2,94,988. The OMEN X Desktop is expected to hit the market shelves sometime in the month of June 2018 with a price tag of Rs. 4,49,999. Last but not the least, the HP OMEN X notebook will be available for sale from 20th March 2018 with a price tag of Rs.2,10,990- so get ready to get a new upgrade! Also, the HP Window MR Headset 800 and OMEN Headset 800 will cost the users somewhere at Rs. 51,187 and Rs. 6,999 respectively.

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