Microsoft announces Windows 10 Creators Update


There are currently more than 400 million active devices running on Microsoft Windows 10 and the news that a new update is on the way will excite many. The Windows 10 Creators Update is the next significant step forward for Windows. It’s more personal, more performance, more productive and more trusted.

Microsoft’s company mission which aims at empowering every person and organization on the planet has gained momentum with the company fulfilling that mission by delivering the ongoing innovations in Windows 10, Xbox, Surface, Windows Mixed Reality and OEM devices.

The update will officially be rolled out worldwide on 11 April.

Innovations in the Windows 10 Creators Update including 3D and native, interactive, sub-second game streaming are empowering a new wave of experiencing creativity with the potential to inspire new ways to build, create, play and learn, and transform your ideas.


The company is humbled by its success of Windows 10 as it continues to experience the fastest uptake of any Windows ever. And it is through this perspective that the company aims at making Windows the place where every person will love to create and play.


Microsoft believes that everyone is a creator at heart and that creativity is an essential human trait especially for business professionals as it does for artists and students.


As Microsoft, we believe that the use of technology can bring everyone’s dreams and aspirations to life, get their work done and connect with people they work with.


Among some of its features that business firms and students can look forward to, include the 3D for everyone which will be used to Create, share and consume in 3D as well as  share their passion for gaming by connecting, streaming and playing together for game lovers.


Besides, users can take their web browsing to the next level with a faster, more secure way to share, read, discover and get things done with Microsoft Edge.


The Creators Update will further shift resources and time-intensive tasks to the cloud, allowing our customers to acquire, provision, support and secure devices more easily than ever.


For determined seekers that want to get the Creators Update, they can use the Media Creation Tool (MCT) to get the Creators Update, but most consumers should just wait for it to become available in Windows update.


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