Microsoft Mixed Reality Coming Soon to Steam

Have you heard about the Microsoft Mixed Reality platform? A while back Microsoft said that Steam support would be coming to the Microsoft Mixed Reality. It ended up not happening as Microsoft had planned and the company said it would not be near ready by launch time.

The good news is that it appears Microsoft Mixed Reality is one step closer to Steam support. That is because the Microsoft Mixed Reality platform has been opened up to Steam VR developers. This is huge news and it means that it will not be long before the Steam support heads to the new Microsoft Mixed Reality platform.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform Now Open to Steam VR Developers

It appears that the Microsoft Mixed Reality platform was just opened up to those Steam developers. After that, there will be a preview program that will be opened up for the consumers. This preview program will likely happen before Christmas. This is a huge deal because this really is the first time that Microsoft Mixed Reality has been talked about with the Steam support. We now know where the platform stands as far as the Steam support goes. Steam is also a huge platform for PC gaming, which could really help increase the excitement of Microsoft Mixed Reality.

There are already some Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets that you can get on pre-order. This includes the cheaper on for $399. This is not a bad deal considering a lot of other VR headsets are anywhere from $500 to $600 or more. If you look at Steam, the VR game that seems to be doing the best is a game called Job Simulator. There is also a zombie apocalypse game called Arizona Sunshine that is going quite well. Arizona Sunshine was specifically developed for VR, so that is definitely a game worth checking out.

Valve Excited for Microsoft Mixed Reality & Future of VR

Valve is definitely excited for the Steam support that will be coming with the Microsoft Mixed Reality. The company is happy to see that these devices are now stepping up compatibility with Steam. This not only will help the Steam community grow, but will help VR as a whole grow a lot quicker.

VR hopefully will become a platform that is open for both the consumer and the developers. Valve is hoping that more developers will delve into the VR gaming world, especially on Steam. There is a lot of potential there for brand new ideas and games, it just takes the developers time to get the VR part down.

It will be interesting to see how the Mixed Reality platform can compete with both Vive and Rift. Vive and Rift are two of the most popular VR headsets out there, although both are a little more expensive. It seemed like a lot of people thought that Mixed Reality would be a lite version of VR and not the whole experience. With the Steam support coming to Microsoft Mixed Reality, this means it could be the real deal and full VR experience It could bring a whole different level to the PC gaming experience.

We are not sure exactly when the whole Mixed Reality platform will be available for Steam, but it is good that there is progress being made. It likely will not be until the beginning of the year sometime until the Microsoft Mixed Reality platform fully supports Steam. We will be keeping you updated on the progress as the weeks continue on.

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