Microsoft opens up a new mixed reality content creation studio

Microsoft is working relentlessly towards creating more and more immersive mixed reality content for end consumers. Microsoft now has three video creation studios where it creates holographic content for the HoloLens headset which is a hardware solution for mixed reality.

Microsoft opens up a new mixed reality content creation studio

The third and the most recent studio has been set up in San Francisco at the Microsoft Reactor. Microsoft already has capture studios in Redmond and in London which is run by Dimension Studios.

Microsoft Reactor is the genesis of the Mixed Reality Capture Studio and its Mixed Reality Academy. The primary aim of the studio is to help provide mixed reality content for Microsoft partners, creative agencies, studios, application developers etc. in order to help them produce an elaborate and detailed platform for VR.

This coincides with the expansion of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creator Update which is no coincidence. Microsoft will offer support for mixed reality content for computers and PCs a well that can be experienced through VR headsets from Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Samsung. Moreover, Microsoft’s acquisition of AltspaceVR was a strategic move by the technology giant to feed its AR and VR strategy.

In a blog post-Microsoft mentioned, “Our goal is to make high-quality holographic captures accessible for mixed reality creators everywhere.”

Microsoft certainly has a lot of faith in the mixed reality and VR technology which is the reason why it is promoting the production of high-quality content for the technology. It will not only provide great quality material to users but will also drive a change and bring in more users. 

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