Mozilla launches Firefox Reality VR web browser


Mozilla Releases Firefox Reality VR Browser for Oculus Go, Daydream Headsets

Firefox Reality VR Browser Has Arrived

Google’s Chrome dominates on phones and computers, but Mozilla hopes its pioneering work to adapt VR standards for the web and its new VR-ready browser will help Firefox carve out a place in a future filled with computer-generated scenery. You can see a short promo video below.

However, if you thought VR is no longer a thing, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Mozilla, the non-profit makers of Firefox, released a new browser dubbed Firefox Reality for Oculus Go, Google Daydream and other mobile VR headsets Tuesday.

Another of the key sections of the development is in its vocation to show us new experiences of virtual reality. It is clear but miserable that huge content available in virtual reality has been organized in these big stores which ask you to sign-in, download and launch from your own library.

As for availability of the application, it’s now applicable for download on Oculus store and also supports Oculus Go; other VR stores like Google’s Daydream and HTC’s Viveport will also feature it. The company has a never ending list of features and ideas that it is actively working on to make this the top browser for mixed reality, he added.

Mozilla said that the initial launch is version 1.0 of Firefox Reality, with version 1.1 “right around the corner”.

The new browser has been created precisely to be enjoyed with virtual reality glasses, something that changes the format of use and that makes the voice search as one of the main protagonists, for example. Firefox Reality is its first web browser designed exclusively to work with virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.

“We spent a lot of time talking to early VR headset owners”, Vrignaud said. And “If not, why?” Mozilla says it is working with content creators to bolster this lineup with games, videos, and new environments that will be added to the home screen over time. “This is why we built a feed of wonderful content into the home screen of Firefox Reality“, said Andre Vrignaud, head of mixed reality platform strategy at Mozilla.

Virtual reality is catching up with millions of people all over the world, and the possibility of having more industries throw their hearts into the ring is very high.


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