Norman Reedus, Michelle Rodriguez in THE LIMIT VR film trailer


Norman Reedus recently teamed up with Director Robert Rodriguez and Fast & Furious action star Michelle Rodriguez for breakthrough VR film THE LIMIT!The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus isn’t content to just star on your TV shows, movies, and soon to be Death Stranding, no sir. The man is always about pushing forward and breaking new ground in media and fresh virtual reality film THE LIMIT is no different. The same mindset of pioneer Director Robert Rodriguez and co-star Michelle Rodriguez of believing in something before everyone and anyone is doing it.Reedus plays character Max in the movie, now available on VR platforms including Oculus (Rift, Go, Gear), Daydream, Viveport, Windows Mixed Reality, and coming soon on Steam VR and PlayStation VR! THE LIMIT is currently 50 percent off for a launch sale at the time of this article’s publishing.FanSided had an opportunity to interview Robert Rodriguez and Michelle Rodriguez recently on the epic project with Robert citing adopting VR tech like he once did with digital cameras… In order to get others to take notice and start using the technology in place of taking a wait and see approach. He commented on the importance of his use of digital cameras in films like Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Spy Kids 2, forging interest from fellow directors and manufacturers alike.I made it look really cool and then that made people think, “Oh, maybe there’s something to that!” Then the cameras get better all of a sudden because then there’s more demand, and the manufacturers make better s***. If you get in there right away, and don’t wait. A lot of people are waiting for the next VR versions to come out, before they do serious stuff with it. Well, you’ll be waiting a long time!If you start with what they have now, and just be really creative with it. Just use your creativity to use the few tools that are there, you can do something really amazing. Mostly with creativity! Very little has to do with the tools. That’ll push the whole industry further.Director Robert Rodriguez mentioned having action stars Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus on-board as one of the most enticing elements and selling points of THE LIMIT:What if you could star in an action film with Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus? Would you like that? Yeah! (laughs) We needed to cast real action badasses in it because that’s the concept, that you get to star in an action film. You want something that you go, “Oh, marquee value! Oh yeah!” It elevates your experience to be in it with somebody who’s an actual action star. Next: Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead episode 908 on Nov. 25 Check out THE LIMIT’s official website to learn more about the groundbreaking virtual reality experience.


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