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Virtual reality (VR) developer Phaser Lock Interactive was due to launch Final Approach sequel Final Assault tomorrow via Steam Early Access. Unfortunately, the studio has had to delay the release by a week due to a fire in its office building.  
Phaser Lock Interactive issued the statement above alongside several images showcasing the devastation caused to several offices at its Austin, Texas location.
Final Assault is a new real-time strategy (RTS) experience based-on WWII, featuring support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR. Having demoed the title at several events – most recently PAX South last month – next week’s early access launch will allow PC players to experience the PvP portion of the title.
“Early Access will give full access to cross-platform(Oculus and Vive) PVP and PVE combat with matchmaking and friend finding tools. All six military divisions will be available as we unlock a total of 12 maps throughout the Early Access, starting with the first 4 maps, Sturmberg, Kleinstadt, St. Ulrich’s and Hill-512,” the studio states. “We will also have available the tutorial and our Unit Encyclopedia that is an interactive way for players to explore each units powers/weakness and learn their best strategies.”

Phaser Lock Interactive only plans on being in Early Access for a couple of months, fully launching Final Assault in early April. As the release date gets closer the studio will also give limited access to the Campaign mode, Customization, and other launch features.
From an overhead viewpoint, players will be able to wage war in 360-degrees, commanding jeeps, tanks, and artillery in massive ground battles as the skies erupt in bullets, flak and dynamic dogfights. They’ll be able to order tactical air strikes and bombing runs as they advance their troops by drawing paths for precise, direct combat towards the enemy. The campaign mode will feature around 4-6 hours of gameplay, with missions and objectives that can be played by all 6 commanders, allowing for a different experience and re-play opportunities.
Once the main launch has taken place, the studio also plans on releasing DLC in the future. Final Assault arrives on Tuesday 19th February in Early Access. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.


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