Samsung announces AKG wireless headphones: Y100, Y500, and N700NC


Samsung’s acquisition of Harman International back in March 2017 was beneficial for the Korean giant. It wanted to improve its audio experience for users. The audio sound of Samsung Galaxy smartphones over the years has been “meh” rather than excellent for some users. The Harman International acquisition brought Samsung several subsidiaries under its umbrella including audio brand AKG. AKG wireless headphones and wired ones, too, have now been released under the brand. Some examples of Harman International-branded products include the new JBL Endurance Sports Headphones launched last week and the Windows/Mixed Reality HMD Odyssey headset.
Well, the Korean giant is back with new AKG wireless headphones (three pair, in fact): the Y100, Y500, and N700NC.

Image Credit: SamsungThe AKG Y100 wireless headphones are really “neckbuds,” so don’t expect an over-the-ear listening experience. These are wireless, though, which means that you won’t need to connect them to a headphone jack.
As for the audio experience, the Y100s feature Ambient Aware technology, a feature that lets users hear surrounding sound. This is good for those who want to hear and keep an ear out for an important phone call, family and friends, and so on.
The Y100s are the least of the three, with Samsung guaranteeing no more than eight hours of battery life. You’ll need to charge the Y100 headphones for two hours, though. To be honest, this isn’t exactly a good return on your listening experience, though it’ll get you through a full workday (as opposed to an actual day).
The Y100 neckbuds cost $99.95.
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Image Credit: SamsungThe AKG Y500 wireless headphones are on-ear headphones as opposed to the Y100 neckbuds. Aside from the headphones setup, the Y500 AKGs bring more features to the table than either the Y100 or the N700NC headphones. The Y500s, like the Y100s, feature Ambient Aware technology. But, there are differences. For one, the Y500s automatically pause music when users remove the headphones from their ears. Additionally, the Y500s come with multipoint connectivity, letting users pair two Bluetooth-connected devices simultaneously.
Battery life on the Y500s stands at an impressive 33 hours of battery life, though you’ll need to charge them for 2.5 hours as opposed to the two-hour charging time of the Y100. The price for these feature-packed headphones with impressive battery life? $149.95.

Image Credit: SamsungThe N700NC wireless headphones feature adaptive noise cancellation: the “NC” in N700NC stands for “noise cancellation.” Despite this impressive feature, however, and two-hour charging time (as opposed to the Y500), the N700NCs only have 20 hours of battery life. The N700NC costs $349.95.
As you can see, of the three, the Y500 AKG wireless headphones are the best value for your buck because of their great battery life and additional features. The N700NC has adaptive noise cancellation but not much else.
The Y100 and Y500 come in four colors (black, blue, pink, and green), while the N700NC come in just one color, silver. You can pick up the Y100 and Y500 from Samsung Shop, Amazon and AKG, or US carriers Sprint and US Cellular. The N700NC will arrive at Samsung Shop, AKG, and Amazon later this year.
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