Samsung could be the next company producing a Windows Mixed Reality headset

Looks like Windows Mixed Reality is really kicking off well as Samsung might be joining the bandwagon by release a VR headset for Windows. Twitter user WalkingCat has uncovered photos of the company’s headset which appears to have six degree-of-freedom tracking similar to the other headsets.

Not much information is known about the headset but looking at the picture we can see that the headphones will be made from AKG and they look similar in design as the headphone on the Oculus Rift. On the front, we can see what looks to be like cameras which could possibly map out what is in front of you so you won’t hit into walls in the real world.

A similar technology to what HTC is using in the Vive headsets. Microsoft is planning to hold a special Mixed Reality event next week and there could be a possibility that Samsung’s headset could make an appearance.

The Windows Mixed Reality headsets will start launching next month when the Windows 10 Fall Creator Updates come on October 17. Companies like Acer, HP Dell and Lenovo are already ready to launch their headsets and Asus will be released theirs in Spring 2018.



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