The Best Windows Mixed Reality & Odyssey+ Black Friday 2018 Deals


Now that turkey day has come and gone, holiday shopping season has arrived and we’re tracking the best Windows Mixed Reality Black Friday 2018 deals on the Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Samsung Odyssey headsets. The headsets have never been more affordable than now.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset Deal Baseline

Knowing the usual price of the headsets means you’ll know a good deal when you see one. Here’s the MSRP of each of the Windows VR headsets with controllers included:

  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality – $400
  • Dell Visor – $450
  • HP Windows Mixed Reality – $450
  • Lenovo Explorer – $400
  • Asus Mixed Reality – $430
  • Samsung Odyssey+ – $500

And yes, Windows VR headsets can play most SteamVR content through an official plugin.

The Best Windows Mixed Reality Black Friday 2018 Deal

Image courtesy Microsoft

It’s important know that all of the Windows VR headsets, except those from Samsung, share the same specs and are effectively the same headset. That means if you’re looking for a VR headset from Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Asus, you’re probably best off buying the best deal on any of them that you can find. It’s also important to know that all of the aforementioned headsets have seen rolling sales for a long time now. So while there’s no ‘official’ manufacturer’s sale on any of those headsets, some of the best discounts are coinciding with Black Friday.

Basic Windows VR Headsets

In the case of that first group of headsets, the best Windows Mixed Reality Black Friday 2018 deal is the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset for $180 at Amazon (a 55% discount). The deal is eligible for fast & free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is the cheapest that any new Windows VR headset has been for many months.

Important Note: The Acer headset (and the others) required a Bluetooth connection to function. If your PC doesn’t already have Bluetooth equipped, you’ll need an adapter. We use this one from Amazon for $8 which has worked flawlessly.

Samsung Odyssey+

The Samsung Odyssey+ is the high-end headset among the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. If that’s what you’re looking for, the best Samsung Odyssey+ Black Friday 2018 deal is direct from Samsung for $300 (a 40% discount).

Important Note: The Odyssey+ (model number XE800ZBA) is a slightly newer version of the headset with some refinements which you can read about here. We recommend it over the original Odyssey (model number XE800ZAA). Also note that the Odyssey+ does not require a separate Bluetooth adapter, but the original Odyssey does. Also, keep your return receipt handy; ergonomic comfort on the Odyssey headsets can be hit or miss depending upon your head.

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Other Windows VR Black Friday 2018 Deals to Consider

While all of the Windows VR headsets except for the Samsung Odyssey are effectively the same, you may have you heart set on a specific look or a favorite brand. The good news is that all can be found significantly discounted; here’s a look at the current prices for the bunch:


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