The US army will use mixed reality headset, Microsoft HoloLens


Армия США будет использовать гарнитуры смешанной реальности Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has won a tender for a contract to supply the U.S. army prototype of a mixed reality system with HoloLens for use in combat missions and exercises.

The terms of the contract to $480 million include supplying the Pentagon more than 100 thousand HoloLens headsets within the program. By the way, for a contract the Pentagon also claimed the manufacturer headsets, augmented reality Magic Leap.

By the way, the Microsoft deal is concluded in the moment when the collaboration between large technology companies with the military began to raise questions among their employees about the ethics of technology to be used in combat operations.

In October, Google refused to participate in the major project of the Ministry of defence because of objections from employees, learn about its cooperation with the Pentagon in the framework of the project the Maven Project and considered that it may not be ethical to Google’s guidelines, which have pledged not to use their own development in the field of artificial intelligence to improve weapons.


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