This Week’s VR Game Roundup — Salsa Lessons, Rhythm, Action, & an ARPG!


Play against big beefy titans in Titan Slayer II. Credit to: COLOPL Inc.

Early access game. Learn how to salsa with virtual dance instructors. Dance in a virtual classroom and then bring those skills to life at salsa night, a club, or wherever the mood strikes! Learning fundamental salsa moves in VR is great for those that want a headstart before stepping into a dance class or for fitness.
Fitness Potential
Salsa-Virtual is a refreshing way to learn how to Cumbia Step, Back Break, lead, and dance like you’ve done it before. This dance game has virtual partners to practice with and can be slowed down and practiced over again. Get that step count up by dancing to upbeat salsa music. This salsa sim is re-envisioning how we move our bodies in and out of VR.
Developer/Publisher: Dance-Virtual/Miragic LabsRelease Date: November 9, 2018Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, with tracked controllersPrice: Go to link for price.Link: Salsa-Virtual

This is an action and rhythm game that uses a shield and whip to keep the electronic music, rhythm, and melodies flowing. Use the shield to block incoming fire and the music whip to hit bombs and blasters out of the sky to move through the levels for points. Strike music components like vocal, synth, tops, to activate them and also to mute them.
Fitness Potential
DJ Whip VR uses arm movement to crack that whip and also to block. Move your whip arm quickly and block those bombs and blasters from that climbing score. This is also a good coordination game because you’ll have to aim in order to reach enemies and keep the music playing in customizable ways.   
Developer/Publisher: GameTrekRelease Date: November 9, 2018Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllersPrice: Go to link for price.Link: DJ Whip VR

Early access game. You’ll be fighting walking corpses and stories-tall titans across beautiful and frighteningly designed environments. Use a sword and gun for short range attacks and a bow for long range. Or use them however you like. Teleport around the game to live to fight in climactic boss battles.
Fitness Potential
A melee weapon like a sword is great for arm activity while full slices will keep the core from becoming weakened. Guns will use the arms but a bow and arrow set will keep the arms moving repetitively. The legs aren’t going to get much from the teleportation, but it is a game that is arm heavy and exciting for those that like taking down big burly titans.
Developer/Publisher: COLOPL Inc.Release Date: November 5, 2018Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllersPrice: $29.99 (for TS II) & 34.38 (for the bundle)Link: Titan Slayer II

This is an action and roleplaying game (ARPG) for VR where you take on the role of Wizard or Hunters. Hunters have a bow and arrow with Fire or Frost spell power that they deal damage to enemies and bosses with. Wizards conjure Arcane spells or Necromancy to hurt enemies. Customize your hero loadout and dial in their damage, power, regen, and other stats to become unstoppable.
Fitness Potential  
Shooting a bow and arrow and casting magic will use mostly upper body movement. This game is lefty and righty friendly for a balanced workout if you choose to do so. VR Hero Sentry is playable in room scale so leg use is only limited by the amount of play space you have and your ability to dodge and step away from attacks.
Developer/Publisher: Refocus SolutionsRelease Date: November 5, 2018Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllersPrice: $10.79 to $11.99Link: VR Hero Sentry
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