Virtual Reality Exercise Bikes Could Make Working Out Not Suck


There are two types of people in this world: those who can admit that exercising sucks, and liars. Going to the gym and seeing results from the hard work you put in can be rewarding, yes, but it’s mostly a chore that most, if given a comparable alternative, would skip. According to CNN Business, one company is trying to add a little fun to your daily workout by adding VR and turning it into an immersive (and sweaty) game.The Massachusetts-based startup VirZoom was founded in 2015 by former venture capitalist and avid exercise biker Eric Janszen and game developer Eric Malafeew. The following year, they introduced a product called the VZ Bike, which connects to VR headsets and allows wearers to turn their performance on the bike into performance in one of any of five available virtual reality games. From pedaling a kayak to racing a Formula 1 car, the bike and software provide an at-home experience much more unique than staring at whatever sitcom or news channel is playing above you and 12 other gym rats. The $399 bike is currently listed as not available on Amazon with no word on when it will be back in stock, but VirZoom does have a new alternative for those who want the VR bike experience outside of their homes.Fast forward to 2018 and VirZoom has introduced the VizFit, a VR device that can be attached to existing exercise bikes and uses a Windows Mixed Reality headset from Acer with a NUC 8 PC from Intel. CNN Business reports that exercise equipment company Life Fitness has partnered with VirZoom to sell the product to commercial gyms. The company blog lists home use as an option, but there is currently no option on the official website to buy the product for personal use. Maybe your local Crunch or Blink Fitness will jump on the deal in the near future? Show them the video below if you think they need persuading.


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