VR Games Spotlight: Beat Saber, QuiVr Vanguard, Apollo 11, & More!


Welcome to Reality Technologies weekly VR Games Spotlight! Every Friday we gather Full Release VR Games for you to use in VR! This week we don’t have any Early Access VR Games, but there are 5 VR games that’ll turn you into a virtual saberist, an archer, astronaut, puzzle solver, and an aerial racer.

Beat Saber
PS VRBeat Games s.r.o.November 20, 2018
Neon red and blue cubes are coming down a platform and you’ve got the matching sabers to cut them in half. Slice boxes in VR to 11 original songs with 5 new ones released for PSVR. Artists that appear on the new soundtrack are Jaroslav Beck, Frank Bentley, Boom Kitty, Sedliv, Kinnie Lane, Mord Fustang, and Megaphonix. Play the new Campaign mode with modifiers and various objectives to challenge your sabering skills. Progress through stages in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert modes.
Beat Saber ($29.99)

QuiVr Vanguard
Credit to: Blueteak/Alvios Inc.HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed RealityBlueteakAlvios Inc.November 19, 2018
If you enjoyed QuiVr’s original game, you’ll enjoy introducing your friends to QuiVr Vanguard. This version has the same beloved archery system as the original but with a drop-in and drop-out multiplayer system. Fight off invading enemies with teammates from above before they overtake the objective and break through walls. Upgrade your bow and arrow loadout and strategize with your team to attack flying and barrelling enemies with different strengths.
QuiVr Vanguard ($11.99 to $14.99)

Apollo 11 VR HD
Credit to: Immersive VR Education Ltd.HTC Vive, Oculus RiftImmersive VR Education Ltd.November 23, 2018
Become a virtual astronaut aboard a re-created Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969. Experience what it was like to take off through the atmosphere and fly to the moon inside the ship’s cabin. See and feel what it was like to see the Earth from space and take part in the Moon landing as one of the astronauts. Apollo 11 VR HD uses real footage and audio and recreated VR imagery and sound for this experience. It also has an interactive side with a command module, lunar module, experiments, and adventure.
Apollo 11 VR HD (See link for price.)

Credit to: Cyan Inc.HTC Vive, Oculus RiftCyan Inc.November 19, 2018
Get abducted from Earth and get taken to an alien world where you’ll walk around a mysterious alien town. Piece together clues and information to solve larger puzzles. This game doesn’t have many characters, it’s mostly you and the NPC’s. Get your detective hat on for this exploration game and try to get home.
Obduction ($10.50 to $29.99)

Credit to: WirtuelHTC ViveWirtuelNovember 20, 2018

Flying Metal Suit is a VR game that took notes from base jumping and racing. Race and weave through the air against AI opponents in 12 Grand Prix races and 3 different world maps. Use your hands to accelerate, slow down, and maneuver through obstacles, around curves, and tricky corners. The game’s team suggests that you use a swivel chair, this is especially true for people that get off balance easily with racing, flight, or heavy movement games.  
FlyingMetalSuit ($7.19 to $7.99)


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