Windows 10 Creators Update will be rolling out on the 17th of October

Windows 10 creators update
Windows 10 creators update/ Photo credits: Getty

Microsoft had announced that its next major update for the Windows 10 platform titled “The Creators Update” would hit the mainstream sometime in fall. Now, the company stated that the update would be coming to  Windows 10 devices from the 17th of October.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

The major feature of this update is that it makes the Windows 10 platform more open for VR headsets. Microsoft calls this its Mixed Reality platform and supporting hardware is in development by companies like Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP which will be available shortly post the update. ASUS is also working on a compatible headset but it will only be shipping next year. The price of VR headsets under this programme is to commence from $299 (~Rs 19,115). Headsets from the above OEM’s will not require any external tracking equipment and would interface with your Windows 10 devices via an HDMI and USB cable or just a single USB Type-C cable as is the case with Dell’s headset.

Another major leverage point of the above programme is that it is compatible with the SteamVR platform which means a large library of supported games should also come up. The Creators Update will also bring other features into play such as seamless OneDrive integration, a beta version of eye-tracking based navigation based on Swedish company Tobii’s technology. There will be a new searchable emoji keyboard and an expanded integration of an exploit mitigation system that will prevent known security flaws to be exploited for malicious purposes.

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Apart from this, the Creators Update will also introduce Microsoft’s latest Fluent Design System although much like Google’s Material Design update its adoption would be a gradual process.

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