Windows 10 Fall update – win some, lose some

Microsoft has issued a list of deprecated and removed features from its Windows 10 Fall (spring in Australia) Creators update. 

The list is fairly procedural. Removed items include Outlook Express, 3D Builder, a Reader/List app, Syskey (use BitLocker instead) and a range of legacy code.

Deprecated (on their way out) include Paint (replaced by Paint 3D), various IIS tools (use alternative tools), Sync your settings (new tools coming), System Image Backup (recommends third party apps), TPM code, and older apps like PowerShell 2.0 (replaced with 5.0).

Sync your settings allows for cross device use. Microsoft says: “The current sync process is being deprecated. In a future release, the same cloud storage system for syncing settings will be used for both Enterprise State Roaming users and all other users. (Currently, these users use different cloud storage systems.)”


Another area is the strengthening of Edge Brower by incorporating external apps like Reader List and Reader App.

The new features in the Creators Fall update are for creative as well as improvements to accessibility, security, and UI as well. “Creators” means the creators of Windows 10 – not “creatives” as many people venture.

There will be a push for better desktop and mobile integration (hence Sync setting is deprecated). “Pick Up Where You Left Off” will be powered by the Cortana virtual assistant. If you close your PC, the document you were working on will load on your phone or tablet for you to carry on editing. There will be a continuity clipboard across all devices.

Timeline lets you jump back in time to find what you were working on.

VR will take a step up (but not to overtake AR/MR). The biggest improvement is the support for the Windows Mixed Reality, hand-held motion controllers for navigating virtual 3D space, with no requirement for markers or sensor lighthouses on the walls around you. Instead, the cameras and sensors in the Windows Mixed Reality headsets do that.

The Windows Story Remix 3D — a Universal Windows Application released through the Windows Store — can automatically generate “stories” from your photos, videos, and more. Remix 3D objects can be added into both photos and videos, and with Windows Ink, annotation. Ink text can be pinned to individual people or objects, and then followed as they move through the frame.

There will be more on Cortana and the fluent design system to enable more ways to interact – touch, ink, voice, gaze, and gesture, in addition to a keyboard and mouse. 

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