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If you’re running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, you need to know about a major update that will affect the way you use your computer and the internet. There’s a good chance you already have Windows 10.

It’s been downloaded to about 400 million PCs and laptops. Microsoft first introduced it almost two years ago. Many users have embraced it for being faster and more secure than previous versions of Windows, and some competing operating systems.

In less than two weeks, Microsoft will start to roll out a major update called Creators Update. That name reflects some of its most notable features. That includes a 3D version of the Paint program you’ve probably been using for years to crop photos and draw images.

Some new features for Microsoft’s virtual reality platform, Windows Mixed Reality (formerly Microsoft Holographic), have been pushed back to later this year.

But for most of us, the Creators Update will affect the way we use computers every day. Note: If you have Windows 10, the Creators Update is free.

5 Creators Update features you’ll love

One of its new features is for gamers. With the Creators Update, you’ll be able to use a Windows 10 mode specifically for gaming. It’s designed to maximize frame rates and other features for smoother gameplay.

Microsoft’s newest web browser, Microsoft Edge, hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. Most people these days surf the web using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft’s older browser, Internet Explorer.

However, you should check out Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has ramped up its security features, its speed and it recently added extensions, so that you can personalize your web searches. Now, Microsoft is making it more seamless to use its Cortana virtual assistant and to better manage tabs.

This update will also make it easier to access eBooks. Microsoft is going to put eBooks in the Windows Store and make them visible in your web browser.

There’s also a night-light mode, where your computer’s brightness automatically dims in the evening. It’s designed to be less disruptive to your sleep.

Bonus: Security. The Creators Update will let users lock their computer screen from their iPhone, Android device or Windows 10 phone.

If you’re interested in getting the Creators Update, Microsoft will start rolling it out to users starting April 11. But, if you want it before then, you’ll be able to download the Creators Update under Settings.

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