You can now enter a new world with the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset

You can now enter a new world with the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset

About a month ago, Samsung announced its Virtual Reality headset, the Samsung Odyssey. The Windows Mixed reality headset is now available for purchase, just in time for the holiday season. The gadget can be the perfect gift for a very special person in your life or the best gift you have ever gotten for yourself. Either way, the fun and amazing VR experience are granted. This is probably one of the best devices of this kind on the market right now, and its $499 price tag makes it quite accessible, compared to many of the other virtual reality headsets.

The design of the device is quite similar to the other virtual reality headsets we’ve seen before. the Samsung Odyssey is made from high-quality materials, so wearing it for longer periods of time should not be uncomfortable. Given its specs and features, it’s highly likely that users will want to wear it for long hours and immerse themselves into a whole new reality. The Samsung Odyssey is not a standalone headset, which means it won’t work on its own. Instead, users will need to connect it to a computer that runs Windows 10. After connecting the headset to the PC, the fun begins.



The gadget features two 3.5-inch AMOLED displays, which together offer a 2880×1600 resolution. This is quite amazing, as the majority of other virtual reality or mixed reality headsets only feature 1440×1440 resolution displays. The up to a 110-degree field of view and up to 90Hz only adds to the quality of the mixed reality experience ensured by the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset. Naturally, the great visual experience would be worth nothing without a similar audio quality. Thanks to the integrated AKG headphones with support for 360° Spatial Sound users will fully benefit from this too. The headset comes in a bundle with motion controllers too, which will make using it a lot more comfortable.

At this point, the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed reality headset is only available in the United States and you can buy it from Microsoft or from Samsung. Later this year, it will arrive in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Brazil too. Customers in the US can even opt for six monthly payments instead of paying the full price at once. According to Samsung, the headset will ship in 7 to 10 business days.


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